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Welcome To VisiberFund

The basic aim of our firm is to strive hard and earn as much earning as possible from Forex and stocks. If you are toying with the idea of entering the world of online Forex trading, then you must consider VisiberFund as your investing vehicle. There are countless reasons that may attract you to join our website.

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Welcome to Visiber Fund

Welcome to our Company VisiberFund. We are a group of forex traders which especializes in Currency tradings We are professional forex traders and have been trading for the past 12 years, we use the state-of-art in all our trading.

You can call or contact our Live support agents to help you in any of the queries you might want to know about us. We will help you to Creating and making Wealth with us We hope you can find our site very friendly and accessible.

Depending on the amount of investment you can earn from 3% to 9%. You can also reinvest your earned interest. Our actions are based on the financial markets,

Withdrawals in our program are usually processed instantly. However, because of the security reasons that period may be extended. The maximum time for payment is 24 hours. To ensure the safety of our investors, we have DDoS protection.

To sum it all, find out today how it is simple and easy to understand principles of our cooperation offer. Buy shares, earning money with us today!

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StartedMar 10, 2014
Running days 40
Total accounts 1108
Active accounts 804
Total deposited $ 122,429.10
Total withdraw $ 28,292.99
Visitors online 31
Newest Member saje
Last deposit: $ 1.00 (Azuzula)
Last withdraw: $ 20.60 (ljyu163)
Last updateApr 19, 2014


We are Registered Company in UK
Company No. 06452561 more
Apr-16-2014 04:09:10 AM

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  • Professional Management Team
  • Dedicated Server
  • Strong DDoS Protection
  • SSL Encryption
  • Licensed Script
  • Fast Withdraw
  • Reliable Investment Plans
  • 24/7 Live Support

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This is the most incredible project that I was able to participate! Thank you!

William Mason

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